Spynamics Range Options

Bad Back Seating Range.
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Back options

Back support options

The final back size can be modified following a workstation/DSE assessment should the need arise. The changes can be made free of charge* for the SD1/2/4/6/NSSD6. For the SD10/11/12 variants, the made to measure option costs an extra £28.08.** The backs for the models SD7/8/9/14 cannot be changed as they are fabricated on a plastic moulded back with plastic outside back shroud finish.

The standard configurations for the backs of these chairs can be modified to fit in with the findings of an assessment or to suit budgetary constraints. We offer 2 different memory foamed headrests as shown, HR and HR2. They both adjust for height and tilt and can be used at the top of the back if additional (cervical) support is required or can be used as a neck/headrest when the need arises.

The mechanism

We only use the 6-way adjustable, extra heavy-duty mechanism for the Spynamics chairs because it has the biggest range of movement (both forward tilting and back reclining) available on the market with the added advantages that both the seat and back tilts can be locked independently in any position and it has been rated up to 190kgs.It comes with seat slide as standard as well as a ratchet backrest height mechanism and seat tilt tension controller.

Seat options

Arm options

Base options

Spindles and Castor options